OPTimise COVID-19 vaccination project

Dear community members,

Through the City of Toronto we have learnt the following information on the OPTimise project:

It is a research study working with Ottawa, Peel, and Toronto Public Health Units (PHUs) and community members to use insights from behavioural science to plan and improve strategies to promote COVID-19 vaccination within prioritized communities. Toronto Public Health prioritized African, Black, and Caribbean community members from the Englemount Lawrence, Elms-Old Rexdale, Etobicoke West Mall, Kingsview Village-The Westway, and Taylor Massey neighbourhoods. An advisory group of community partners from the prioritized groups in each city are helping to guide the approach to engaging with community members for interviews, as well as to help develop recommendations for the PHUs. In Toronto, 25 interviews have been completed and there are hopes to do a few more with Black community members from the Taylor Massey area. The recommendations are expected to be prepared by March 2023.

Please check out the below flyer to find opportunities to get involved:

If you are interested and require any assistance with this information, please directly contact them with the mentioned details on the flyer above or reach out to us at:


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