Bill 184 – Ontario Rent Repayment Plans

Dear Community Members,

Through SAWRO’s legal partner, South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario (SALCO), we have received a fact sheet about the new Bill 184 that was passed by the Ontario provincial government on July 22nd, 2020. This bill, now known as Protecting Tenants and Strengthening Community Housing Act, 2020, introduces several key changes that can affect you during this COVID-19 Pandemic. The fact sheet below highlights the important sections in the new bill that may affect you.

As previously posted, the Ontario government had prohibited landlords from issuing eviction notices from April to June 2020, but as of the passing of Bill 184, landlords are now allowed to issue eviction notices WITHOUT prior notice. This new bill also makes it possible for landlords to evict you without a proper court hearing. Please read the fact sheet below about other drastic changes from Bill 184.

We at SAWRO, stand with tenants that have lost their jobs or have faced a decrease in work hours due to the pandemic, and have made the concious decision to delay rent payments inorder to prioritize essential needs such as the purchase of food and medical neccesities. This bill impeding on people’s ability to meet their basic needs, especially ontario labour market has not fully recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic. According June 2020 labour market statistics, precarious and low-skilled workers are the most impacted, in terms of loss of work, due to this pandemic.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding rent payment or about Bill 184, please feel free to contact us at SAWRO.

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