How to access the LIVE COVID-19 Economic Support Info-Session on May 16!

Dear community members,

This is a reminder that SAWRO will be hosting a live and interactive information session on  Saturday, May 16th, 2020 at 4pm. SAWRO staff will be presenting important information about COVID-19 Economic Supports from the government and how to access these supports. We highly encourage you all to participate to get accessible information in Bangla and English. Here are some ways you can join!

Online – Through Facebook!
• Log into your personal Facebook Account
• Click on the event link to see the live online session. You can ask your question in the comment section while the event is streaming live (

Over the Phone:
• Dial the local number 647-558-0588 (this is a Zoom number)
• You will be asked for a meeting ID, enter 876 8180 6131
• You will be able to hear the presentation. You will be admitted to the meeting after the presentation for the question and answer period and will be able to ask questions directly

You can join both ways! The question and answer period will have a moderator. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

If you have additional questions or concerns on how to see the live stream, feel free to contact us.


COVID-19 FB Live Event Flyer

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